Company Profile


BUILDING PROJECT is an engineering company amongst the leading enterprises in the national scenery for steel structure design.

Founded in 1987, initially as a cooperation between professionals with the purpose to operate in a specialized way in the Veneto’ scenery of steel carpentry, gradually expanding, adding other professional figures, and finally in 2004 creating the engineering company which offers design services, structural calculations and management, based on international normative codes.

Also not neglecting, the professional relationship with the Commissioner, in the form of a commitment to carry out the assignment in the best interest of the Client, seeking the most economical project design while fulfilling the necessary level of safety and requested quality.

Their operational sector ranging from residential-commercial-industrial buildings to road and railroad infrastructure, stocking and materials handling machineries to docking and resuming implants, up to port’s loaders and shippers.

In order to meet the requests from public and private clients of various typologies, the company has acquired a flexible nature, able to organize resources in suitable working teams so to deliver each specific demand for design, technical and management services.

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