Engineering Project

The presence in the company of engineers with different specializations and technicians with vast proven experience enables designing in different levels, from feasibility studies to detailing constructions, in many civil, industrial and infrastructure sectors.

The activity of Building Project, relative to designing, expresses in the following engineering services:

  • optimization of the structural composition and constructive solutions for preliminary and/or final design with implementation and assembly cost analysis;
  • calculations for whatever type of steel structure based on national or international norms and codes;
  • design of road and railroad structures: bridges, viaduct and overpasses;
  • study and editing of reports for launching structures of remarkable dimensions or strategic importance such as guyed bridges or large spans covers;
  • dimensioning and structural verifications of machineries, such as port’s loaders and unloaders, docking and resuming implants for granulated materials;
  • design of implants for transportation on belts or pipe-conveyors: from defining the implants’ layout to the engineering of transport, complete with flow sheets for conveyor belts and dimensioning of mechanical components, up to structural calculations.
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