In Building Project the design and structural calculation are joined alongside with technical drawing that range from basics and layouts to workshop construction.

With regard to technical drawing, in accordance with the client’s needs, for graphical and managerial specific requests, for national and international norms inherent in works and codes, offers the following services:

  • editing of basic drawings and layouts for implants;
  • two and three dimensional geometrical feasibility studies for every complexity;
  • exceution of frame drawings w/o details obtained from three dimensional modelling and even with BIM interoperability;
  • designing of interfacing documentation with other structures, foundations, etc;
  • processing of any type of detailing documentations for purchase, production of workshops and shipments. The documentation, fully in electronic format in most common and consolidated file extensions (dwg, xls, pdf), can be grouped as follow:
    • summary of sketches for the fabrication of every single element;
    • assembly drawings for welded parts in the workshops;
    • summary lists by number, profile cut, assembly, shipment, bolt and trading part.
  • the use of “modelsharing” a Trimble technology in order to manage complex models, with the participation of many operators, even in different locations, into one single 3D model synced in the cloud.
  • processing of assembly designs (erection drawings), launching plans and as build;
  • creation of nesting and machineries programs with interface cad-cam.
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